Monday, August 25, 2008

Can Anyone Remain Uncorrupted?

I had an interesting discussion with my roommate today. We discussed the existence of God, and whether God does indeed have absolute power. I would like to thoroughly dismantle an argument that he presented, which I did not have time to answer satisfactorily.

Absolute Power!

The argument went something like this:
God does not have absolute power because absolute power corrupts. Therefore, God would become corrupted if he held absolute power.

Oops, 2 + 2 != 5.235

First: This is an appeal to consequences. Why the corruption of God prevent God from holding power? No dictator has been removed from power simply by his own corruption. Truly absolute power, corrupt or not, would be self-perpetuating, not self-defeating.

Standards, Standards, STANDARDS!

Second: What is corruption? Something is corrupt because it does not line up with some standard of what is should do and what its limits should be. If God exists and is truly omnipotent, then he is the standard. For reasons to be explored in a later post, we cannot measure God by our standard. God is the standard, and, to put it mathematically: xstandard=xstandard. Therefore, if God is the moral standard, he cannot be corrupt.