Friday, August 6, 2010

The American Envoy to the Hiroshima Memorial

There's quite a hubbub in some circles about the Obama administration being the first American administration to send an envoy to Japan's annual Hiroshima memorial. I just have a quick thought:

It's perfectly alright for Obama to send an envoy, so long as it's done appropriately. The envoy can and should express regret as to the necessity of the attack, and regret for the innocent lives lost. This is not an apology. What the envoy should not do is somehow apologize or claim that America was wrong in this action, having been forced by the Japanese conduct of the war to choose between that or the loss of millions of civilian and military lives in an invasion of Japan, short of which the Japanese, as they had stated, would not have stopped fighting. So let's see what happens, and criticize after.