Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beer Part Two

So since my first post I've actually had occasion to try a couple of other beers. My buddy Ryan brought over a can of Labatt Blue Light Lime. I'm not sure I enjoy the addition of lime flavor to beer.

That same evening, I split a bottle of Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat with him. That I did enjoy. Wheat beers comprise the majority of what I've had so far, and I must say they are growing on me. I don't think honey can help but improve most things. Beer turned out to be no exception.

Finally, since Ryan is leaving for Germany, another friend and I took him to the RIT-local bar: MacGregors. The selection for the three of us that evening was a pint each of Great Lakes Holy Moses (another wheat beer, with orange and coriander). Though it seemed a bit stronger than the Blue Moon, (the time separation is enough that direct comparison isn't possible) it was quite enjoyable alongside a burger on wheat bread.

That puts me up to date blogging about beer.