Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Research

I'll be working on two projects this summer. The first of these projects is my Master's thesis, "Push-based Signal-function Functional Reactive Programming" supervised by Matthew Fluet, materials for which will be moving to my domain. The second is a project on Subtle Gaze Direction for Video under the supervision of Reynold Bailey which is counting as a co-op for me.

Master's Thesis

Currently I have nearly completed the FRP system which I will describe in my master's thesis. Remaining work includes writing demonstration and testing programs, formalizing the semantics somewhat, writing my thesis, submitting a condensed version to a conference (The ICFP Student Research Competition and IFL are current considerations), and defense.

Subtle Gaze Direction for Video

Currently the program for this project is capable of displaying a sequence of gaze direction queues in a video, using the MWM illusion. However, it does not yet have a way to integrate eye-tracking information to hide the illusion when the user's eye moves toward it. The program is currently quite poorly engineered, due to its ancestry, an NVidia® CUDA® video decoding demo. I am considering a re-write of the program to avoid these issues.